Princess Principal Episodes 9 and 10 Review

Back again to Princess Principal, guys. This show is just great, the way it can explore both the light and the dark sides of the characters with such tact. The ability to make the leap from cute show about adorable girls to a true dark and dirty espionage mission is definitely praiseworthy. These episodes in particular, we get to know more about Chise, Ange, and Dorothy, adding depth and color to all of their characters.


Episode 8, written entirely from Chise’s point of view, does a great job showcasing some of the cultural differences between Japan and the Kingdom of Albion, in food, in language, and in customs. Seeing Chise dealing with discrimination from people at the school is tough, but then again, so is Chise. When Princess helps her challenge an offending student to a duel, how will Chise respond, even in the face of cheating and discrimination?


Episode 10 reunites Ange and Dorothy (along with Beatrice) with an old acquaintance from… spy school? My question here is: why are all the spies at spy school girls? Well, the mission is to steal some secret documents from a facility, but Ange and Dorothy have another mission as well: to discover whether their classmate is a turncoat or not. When they discover that she is, and she tries to run, the girls have no choice but to pursue her.


This episode gave us some heavy hitters one after another for the final scenes, leaving us on the edge of our seats wanting to know just what happens next. I seriously can’t wait for the next episode, but it makes me sad thinking that this great show might almost be over. Here’s to hoping that they keep the show solid to the very end!


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