100 Days of Anime: Day 53


Welcome back, guys, to 100 Days of Anime, Day 53. Today’s question is: What is a scene in  Anime that has made you cry? Well… to be honest, a lot of them have. There are probably hundreds of scenes in Anime that’s managed to make me cry, over the years. I’ll toss out a few here that I think deserve honorable mentions, since this question is pretty similar to Day 12.


The first one that i’d like to bring up is the Fox scene, from Kanon. With such a magnificently written arc leading up to it, bringing a bittersweet close to what is the, in my opinion, best arc of the series. Never fails to break the dams and get the salty streams flowing.


The disappearance of Kanade (Angel) in Angel Beats has always been a tearjerker for me. The dialogue beforehand is just brilliant, giving us one of the most well-written plot twists in all of Anime, before taking away the titular character. The saddest part, though, is knowing that Otonashi is left alone, with bitterness in his heart.


So similar to the last, but the ending of Anohana was fantastic as well. The show does a great job making us love all these characters, and seeing them all heartbroken once again is enough to get the tears flowing. Such a beautiful show.


The final entry falls under the category of ‘partings’. Tari Tari is one of my favorite short slice-of-life dramas, and the ending of the show was just fantastic. This group of quirky friends have just gotten to know each other, but their high school lives are at an end, and they each must go their own way, whether to college or careers, or elsewhere.


One thought on “100 Days of Anime: Day 53

  1. Keiko

    The ending to Angel Beats and Ano Hana got me as well. Damn those endings! They were so good yet too emotional for me! I’d add Clannad After Story as well. That was a real tear jerker for me.

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