Love and Lies Episodes 9 and 10 Review

Oh boy, back into the thick of the drama here. The school festival has arrived, and Yukari is coping with a lot of emotions, from his hurt relationship with Ririna to the mix of emotions that Misaki keeps piling on him. Nisaka is in there too, Yukari’s words having given him a lot more confidence in interacting with the rest of the class. But, while all this is going on, other schemes seem to be brewing below the surface.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

Episode 9 finally gives us the class play, for the festival. Yukari and Ririna run into each other before the show, but neither of them know how to act around each other anymore, having been separated for so long. The play goes well, but… none of that was Shakespeare. Trust me, I studied it extensively in school. After the play, however, the mysterious silver-haired girl confronts Yukari (with Ririna in earshot), telling him that Misaki is actually his destined partner.


Thankfully, this encounter serves to repair Yukari and Ririna’s relationship, but there’s more information that’s been left unsaid. In Episode 9, they confront Shuu about what she had said at the festival, asking why she thinks Misaki should be Yukari’s destined partner, while the government worker has gone and confirmed that, indeed, Ririna is the one selected for him through the system, which, by the way, was created by Shuu’s grandma.


Finally, I can see my ship starting to leave the shores! It’s interesting how the system pairs together people who would never have met, yet have such incredibly good chemistry with each other. It may seem kind of odd, but I feel like the system isn’t nearly as bad as people might think that it is. I like this show, I think it;s really solidly put together, though not perfect, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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