Classroom of the Elite Episodes 8 and 9 Review

So… wasn’t this school supposedly a school for the most elite of the elite? Like… it’s in the title of the show. But what I see is that somehow everyone from Class D, minus a few exceptions, is a total imbecile, especially the guys. How did they even get into the school? They are totally oblivious to everything going on around them, and waste their time on stupid stuff. The nice setting of an elite school, classes each vying for their place in the rank, has totally gone out the window at this point.


At the start of Episode 8, we get another tease at Kiyotaka’s backstory, as someone called the school asking him to be expelled. However, other than that, we don’t really get anything more. We get a tiny glimpse of Kushida’s true self, but the main focus of this episodes really seemed to be the firm establishment of the fact that Kiyotaka is unwittingly forming a Harem around himself. Kushida, Suzune, and Sakura… with seemingly more on the way.


Ok, what is the deal with Mr Big and Blonde? I’m pretty sure he should be in a straitjacket, not a classroom. He’s literally a total nutjob. Anyways, Episode 9 begins the “survival test on a deserted island” which is just… totally wierd. Pitting class against class, it’s basically the usual survival game scenario. How this actually helps drive the story forward, though… I don’t actually think it does.


This show really frustrates me. It tosses out enough juicy bait to keep you hooked, but drags you around from randomness to silliness without really trying to reel in the hook. The art and the music are great, and the story has such good potential, I just wish they would do away with some of the unnecessary baggage. Also, sorry Sakura, but we all know that Suzune’s probably gonna with this catfight.

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