100 Days of Anime: Day 48


100 Day Anime Challenge, Day 48 here, with a great question: What is your favorite Harem, or Reverse Harem in Anime? Well, to define a harem, it’s basically a group of girls (or guys) who all decide they love one guy (or girl) and vie for their attention. I really can’t think of any show that made me enjoy this concept more than The World God Only Knows.


Apart from having some of the most fantastic OPs in all of Anime, Thw World God Only Knows puts an interesting twist on the Harem genre, as the main character goes out actively seeking to make girls fall in love with him in order to save them from the evil spirits lurking in their hearts. With a fun cast of characters, a well-written story, and just overall competence in managing the Harem genre in a way that makes it entertaining without being obnoxious, The World God Only Knows is definitely my favorite Harem show, and i’ll never get tired of watching it.


If you’re looking for a truly funny show with a few tear-jerking surprises packed into it, The World God Only Knows is a great show to try out. How many of you have seen the show, and how many of you love it as much as me? Any other Harems or Reverse harems that you guys like? My favorite reverse is probably Ouran High School Host Club, it’s wonderful. Thanks everyone for reading, and i’ll see you again tomorrow!

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