Gamers! Episodes 8 and 9 Review

Hey, hey, hey! What happened to the funny, light-hearted Gamers! that we’ve been used to? These last 2 episodes gave us a total, 100 degree turn around from what we’ve seen previously. In Episode 8, Tasuku has the great idea to get everyone together to play what is basically The Game Of Life (a board game). Everything goes disastrously for a while, as Aguri and Keita’s player chips get married, and have a bunch of kids, Chiaki constantly loses money, and Karen stays alone forever. However, as the kids begin to have more fun playing, they lighten up, and realize they were all being kind of silly for the past 7 episodes.


However… Chiaki finds out that Keita is her gaming partner in their mutual mobile game, as well as is the one person who has always supported her in her game creation hobby. Watching Chiaki literally fall for Keita as we watch. There was no cheesy flowers, or heartbeats, just a beautifully drawn series of minute facial expression changes that perfectly expressed the emotion that the character was feeling. I really admire how they handled this, and, i’m sorry, but my Chiaki x Keita shipping is running full throttle now. Sorry Karen.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Episode 9. Chiaki… doesn’t know what to do with herself. She wants to hate Keita, but she also wants to be his friend, and can’t dispel her growing feelings for him, either. When Keita finds out about who she really is, she manages to convince him that it’s actually not her, but her little sister, buying herself some time to sort out her feelings.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

I’m really looking forward to where the show goes from here on out. The way it blended so seamlessly from the typical romcom ways into a truly romantic and touching series of scenes was excellently done, and while the comedy seems to not have been lost, i’m hopeful for some true romance going forward. I’m totally rooting for Chiaki, she deserves to be happy.

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