Tsurezure Children Episodes 8 and 9 Review

Ahh, to be young. Don’t we all wish that our youth could be as rosy and sweet as that of these young souls? Tsurezure Children never fails to make me laugh. Unlike many shows this season, Tsurezure Children is always consistently good, and the clever use of a variety of characters means every episode is a slightly different experience from the one before.


Episode 8 begins with Goda and Kamine, spending some time on a park bench. Kamine wants more physical contact in their relationship, but Goda is taking it slow in order to not pressure or hurt her. Can they resolve their differences in opinion? Meanwhile, the comedy duo is back at it again with being totally romantically incompetent. Akagi is still being, well, Akagi, and Dating Master senpai is back at it again with being an idiot.


How do you get over an awkward confession failure? Through text, no less? Well, obviously just talking things out is the best solution, but teenagers are so awkward, they struggle to get there on their own. Chizuru is still awkwardly trying to deal with her growing feelings for Sugawara. And Goda is being as dense as ever.


Some of the scenes in this show are so delightfully awkward and cringeworthy, and that’s what makes it so great to watch. Honestly, i’ve felt a big lack of good, genuinely funny shows in recent years, so it’s so nice to have several quite funny shows in a single season. My only wish, i’ll say it again, is that the episodes were longer. 10ish minutes is just not enough to make real bonds with any of the characters.

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