Princess Principal Episodes 7 and 8 Review

Man, I love this show so much. Those of you watching the show, you know what I mean, right? Like, there’s something inexplicable wonderful about this show, just makes me love every episodes. The disparity of the way the girls have to uphold their lives and duties as spies, and the kind and gentle hearts that they all have, is just great.


In Episode 7, the girls are searching for a killer who is masquerading as a member of the army, by testing for a certain chemical gas on each soldier’s clothing. However, they also decide to improve the lives of the girls who are working in the laundry factory by repairing the machines and buying out the building, helping them get new clients. This is what I mean, they still focus on their mission, and can be ruthless once they turn on their switch, but they still have good, kind, gentle hearts, and I think that makes the show so much more wonderful.


Finally, we get to know the relationship between the Princess and Ange in Episode 8. Ange is such a fun character, I love her to bits. She really epitomizes what I love about the show. Ange is truly the Princess of the nation, and Princess was a beggar, they just happened to meet, and happened to have the same face. But when they swapped places just before the revolution broke out, neither of their lives could go back, and Princess worked to become a true Princess, to fulfill Ange’s wishes. That whole story just makes their relationship that much sweeter, I think.


Once again, I really like the worldbuilding that they’ve done in this show. The steampunk feel is something that I just adore, and the juxtaposition between the darkness of the world itself and the false brightness of the school and the main cast is so brilliantly played out.

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