100 Days of Anime: Day 42


Day 42 here, and our question is: What is the most Epic or Shocking scene you’ve seen in Anime? This question seems kind of redundant after Day 19, as well as Day 27, but I guess it’s fine, gives me an opportunity to give some different answers. You know, guys, there was one scene from an anime this Summer 2017 season, actually, right at the end of a first episode, that really stood out to me, so I think i’ll give it a mention for this day’s question.



Princess Principal is one of my favorite shows from this Summer season. A show about a group of young girls who are spies, the show is at a glance quite lighthearted, but surprisingly dark beneath the surface, with some scenes that really hit home. In Episode 1, we learn that Ange is a pathological liar, who tries to put up a tough appearance but is actually too kind for her own good. Seeing our adorable Ange telling a lie, to ease the suffering of a man while she kills him, was just… amazing. A great first episode, and a fantastic way to set the tone for the series.


Sorry for spoilers, those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to watch the show yet. Honorable mentions go to the first episode of School Live, Episode 21 of Re:Creators, and the death of Kamina, from Gurren Lagann. Are there any great, shocking or amazing scenes that i’ve missed? Let me know what you guys think down below, please, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow!

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