100 Days of Anime: Day 39


Ahh, music. How we really could not live without it. Day 39 gives us a great question: What is your favorite Music in Anime? This is an easy one, though i’ll end up naming more than just one show, as it’s really an artist that i’m thinking of here. The purpose of a soundtrack, in any given show, is to set the feeling of a scene, draw viewers into the story, and sometimes even add subliminal messages into a scene, bringing up the viewing value of the show at large. And I don’t think any artist, that I can think of, does this quite as well, or at least stands out, as much as Hiroyuki Sawano.


Sawano is a master of creating tracks that inspire, lift spirits, and generally create what most would describe as HYPE. However, the methods that he uses to create strong emotions in his tracks, the feelings of each track, range widely. From the emotional, soul-filled rhythms of shows like Guilty Crown, to the awe-inspiring crescendos of Attack on Titan, the dark undercurrents of Psycho-Pass, and the thrilling tracks of shows like Kill la Kill and Blue Exorcist, Sawano’s tracks are present in so many shows that have enjoyed critical acclaim and wide popularity. Because of his talent at creating music that rouses the soul, many shows, and even games, featuring his music have wound their way into my heart, and they are always memorable, some way or another.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Anyone else as big a fan of Kiroyuki Sawano as I am? Anyone else listen to his music in your off-time, or is it just me? Do you guys have any other favorite composers, or just Anime tracks in general, that you just love? Let me know down in the comments and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow.

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