Gamers! Episodes 6 and 7 Review

Oh gosh, this show just gets funnier and funnier every episode. The characters are all so adorably stupid, but that’s part of what makes them so lovable. Episode 6 starts out with Tasuku and Chiaki having a meeting to discuss how Aguri is “cheating” on Tasuku with Keita. Keita and Aguri, however, are eavesdropping on them, but they only manage to hear the latter half of their conversation, when they start talking about Karen, and each other, leading to more misunderstandings between them. After this, Aguri gives Keita her theory on love which, though simplistic, is actually not a bad approach to things.


Keita resolves to ask Karen to be his friend the next day at school, but Tasuku takes things a step further, inviting Karen directly to their classroom, and spreading rumors around the school too. Of course, this does stem from Tasuku’s own mischievous misunderstandings, but he manages to trick Keita into praising him for his efforts. Keita, however, manages to screw up his one job, asking Karen to be his girlfriend, instead of just his friend, to which she immediately accepts. Honestly, the interactions between all of these loveable idiots in this show is just amazingly hilarious, I really love the inter-character dynamics they have built up.


Anyways, Episode 7 starts with, of course, Keita being teased by other boys from his school about being in a relationship with Karen. Chiaki seems to, for some reason, actually care about Keita, though she says she hates him, and tries to make sure he’s ok, encouraging him to do his best, and so, helped along by some shouting from Aguri, he asks Karen out on a date. (It never occurred to either of them, however, that neither of them have ever been on a date before, and neither of them really even know what to make of being in a relationship.)


Their date brings them out into “normie” land, where they participate in strange and exotic activities like ping-pong, bowling, and darts. Of course, then, Karen suggests they go swimming at the pool, and although Keita is unbearably shy about it, they end up going. My question is, why is Karen normally so shy with Keita, but ok with showing off her body in a swimsuit? Anyways, the swimming doesn’t really go as planned (because again, they are both awkward and nerdy), and of course, Chiaki shows up to add more chaos into the mix.


By the end of the episode, though, they have slowly started to break down their walls, just a bit. (Like, finally, some character progression after 7 Episodes!) I really, REALLY enjoyed Episode 7, as it gave us a lot less of the misunderstanding mayhem, and more of the pure awkwardness of teen love, and Keita and Karen slowly, slowly starting to understand each other, and grow closer. Finally, the hard work of literally everyone is starting to pay off. Makes me very, very excited for what else is in store, with this show.

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