Fate/Apocrypha Episodes 8 and 9 Review

Episode 8 gives us the epic battle we have been looking for for so long. The armies of Dragontooth Warriors summoned from the Red Assassin are facing off against the Homunculus armies of the Black faction, in a huge battle of attrition. Meanwhile, Sieg is back, he’s returned to the battlefield as the Lancers of Red and Black face off, and Achilles confronts his old mentor, Chiron, and Sieg’s goal is to save the other Homunculi. Ruler has also arrived at the battlefield, but is slowed down by the waves of Dragontooth Warriors that accost her.

maxresdefault (5).jpg

Shiro, the priest-master, descends from the castle to personally take on the Black Berserker, urging her to defect to the Red side. Astolfo heads to the skies, trying to take on the Hanging Garden of Babylon, but can he face off against the (frankly ridiculous) might of the Assassin of Red?

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Episode 9 begins right where we left off Episode 8, with Shiro still trying to get Berserker to defect, but she’s having none of it. Astolfo faces off against Red Assassin, but despite having an arsenal of items to suit various scenarios, Assassin’s magic power proves to be far too much for him to handle, and he is thrown from the sky, his mount destroyed. Meanwhile, Achilles and Chiron’s battle is heating up, pitting the master against the student; and Spartacus has been released back onto the battlefield, to make matters far worse.

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The homunculi that were fueling the magic of the Black faction have all been freed by Sieg and his new friends, and they are making their escape, as Sieg moves to rescue Astolfo. Ruler faces off against Assassin, managing to deflect her most powerful attack, but Mordred decides she wants a fight with Astolfo. With all these things going on, it’s almost too much happening at once, so much stuff to take in and keep note of. Still, the show is great, so no way am I gonna skip out on watching it.


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