Made In Abyss Episodes 7 and 8 Review

This show is amazing, in the way it can keep you riveted to your seat, interested in the story 100%, through so many twists and turns. The darkness is always closing in, but there’s always a glimmer of light, of hope, to oppose it. Episode 7 gives us a better look at Ozen the Immovable Sovereign, and what really makes her tick. She’s cruel, but not heartless, her sadistic ways have only good intentions, as she truly wants those under her care to grow stronger, even if it means beating them down into the ground first.

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The Life-Giving Cradle, that’s the name of the mysterious white cube that Ozen keeps in her personal quarters. It is the very same Cradle that Ozen once carried Riko back from the bottom of the Abyss in, the one that saved her life. However, Ozen reveals that, by putting a dead, chopped-up monster into the Cradle, it gained temporary life, but stopped moving shortly afterwards. In other words, the Cradle can not only keep a person alive, it can also reanimate the dead, for a short period of time. Ozen also reveals that Riko was stillborn, and only came to life after being put into the Cradle. In other words: she is basically a Zombie, with no idea when her life might expire.

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After this revelation, Ozen shows Riko and Reg just how powerless they really are, beating them both into the ground with extraordinary ease. She also tells Riko that she had gone searching for Lyza, down at the bottom of the Abyss, and had found only a grave. This news throws Riko into a panic, making her question her goals, and why she is even trying to get to the bottom of the Abyss anymore. However, after a thorough crushing, Ozen nurses them back to health, before taking them to a spot out in the far edges of the forest, telling them to survive ten days on their own. She also reveals to Reg that, no matter how he manages his power, after using his Incinerator, he will fall unconscious after 10 minutes, and stay that way for almost 2 hours, cautioning him to never use it thoughtlessly.


In Episode 8, Riko and Reg use everything they know, and many things they learn, to survive for 10 days out in the harsh wilds of the Second Layer. When they return, Ozen has more to say to them, beginning with the fact that, the further down you go into the Abyss, the slower time moves. A white whistle who ventures down to the bottom for just a week might find that months have passed on the surface. She also reveals that, while she found Lyza’s grave, it was empty. Both of these things are good indicators, that Lyza might actually be alive.


As a parting gift, Ozen gives Riko an item she found at Lyza’s grave, her mother’s old weapon, a deadly pickaxe with a powerful relic, of Everlasting Gunpowder, inside it. She cautions Riko to not overuse it, because it is old and damaged, but says that it will compensate for not being able to use Reg’s Incinerator cannon. In her own, slightly creepy but sweet way, she encourages the two to find their own way, to make it to the bottom and find Lyza there.


I… really lack the eloquence to do this show justice, that much is for sure. It’s definitely one of the best shows to come out in years, and purely as far as an absolutely masterfully written story goes, it’s maybe the very best. Every single week, I am blown away by the way this show portrays not just the story, but the beautiful world that they live in, in such a lovingly detailed way. This show will most likely continue to be a favorite of mine for a very, very long time, and I hope everyone, when you are able, will give it a watch as well.

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