Minecrafting: The Lands of Wysteria

Warning: This post contains shameless self-promotion.

Minecraft is a wonderful game that many of us love, and why? It’s a game that allows us to express ourselves, our feelings, and unleash our creative sides in a way that no game before it had really done. So many people play Minecraft for just that reason: to express their creative freedom, to meet new people with similar interests, and to just have fun,

A bit over a year ago, a friend of mine and I, being big-time Minecraft players, decided to undertake a massive project: starting our own Minecraft server from scratch. After countless hours of work, building, coding, and organizing, not to mention hundreds of dollars spent on plugins, advertising, a website, server hosting, and more, we were finally able to release our server to the public on January 1st, 2017. So, now it’s time for my shameless plug.

Are you looking for an amazing Minecraft server to play on? Do you love exploration, questing, building, PVE, PVP, and more? If so, look no further, because The Lands of Wysteria promises to provide an open-world MMORPG experience like none other. We have a large staff team dedicated to helping all players have the best experience possible, and we are constantly adding new content and expanding our server to create the best experience possible for our players. The Lands of Wysteria has a boatload of awesome features, including:

  • Towny: Our open towny system exists to allow all players to create safe towns to protect their lands and their builds, build up communities, and make new friends.
  • RPG Classes: Our server features over 2 dozen unique RPG classes for players to choose from, allowing everyone to fully customize their gameplay experience.
  • Mining World: The Mining World is a great place for players to collect resources, with an increased ore spawn ratio. KeepInventory is off in this world, and Griefing and PKing is allowed, but as they say, great risks entails great rewards.
  • Open World: Our open free-building world is over 50,000 blocks square. In this world, players are allowed to build and create towns, mine, and do whatever they want with the assurance that all grief will be restored and everything is protected.
  • Bosses: We are proud to feature an ever-growing cast of unique and fun bosses that spawn every few hours. Defeating these bosses will snag you some awesome loot, so don’t miss out!
  • Questing: We are continually adding to our repertoire of awesome and fun quests for players to find and complete, each quest giving out sweet rewards of an immensely wide variety.
  • PVP Arenas: Like PVP? Join one of our PVP duel arenas and fight for glory and fame against other players!
  • The Night Shift: Do you like Vampires? Or are you more of a Werewolf person? Embrace the power of the nighttime races, and enjoy the enormous buffs they give.
  • Spawn: We are very proud to say that our server’s Spawn is one of the largest, as well as one of the most beautiful out there. And it’s still growing! Don’t believe us? Just come and see!
  • Custom Features: Our server has over a dozen custom plugins, giving us a variety of features you won’t see anywhere else. Come and see if you can discover them all!

Check out this wonderful video made by a good friend of ours, Queen_Assassin, highlighting our beautiful Spawn world:

If you’d like to know more about the server, please visit our website, at http://wysteria-mc.com/


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