100 Days of Anime: Day 26


Day 26 here, looking for my pick for The Best Anime Fight Scene. Cool fight scenes are definitely a staple of Anime, and many of the better action shows will have multiple praiseworthy fight scenes. To be honest, i’ve had a harder time with this question than with any others so far. It’s really tough to pick my favorite fight scene out of so many! And as much as you’d think it would, having so many good shows already mentioned doesn’t seem to help much. In the end, though, I did manage to narrow it down to one, a fight that I truly love to watch. From Hunter x Hunter, it’s Gon vs Hisoka.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Hunter x Hunter has some truly awesome fight scenes across the series. However, the fight that I always enjoyed the most was Gon vs Hisoka. There’s no flashy moves, no laser beams; it’s a battle of pure skill. Both combatants display enormous skill, and have to make constant adjustments on whether to rely on speed or power to best suit that moment. And the battle isn’t just physical, either; they each try their hardest to outwit and manipulate each other’s minds to distract them, for even a moment, to open up an opportunity to land a hit. It is, purely and simply, a masterpiece of a fight.

This really was a tough decision, but i’m quite satisfied with my choice; I really do love this fight. Anyone else out there as big a fan of this fight as I am? What are some of you guys’ favorite Anime Fight Scenes, and what makes them so awesome? Please let me know down in the comments, and I really hope you guys come back tomorrow for Day 26!

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