Fate/Apocrypha Episodes 6 and 7 Review

Boy, do I love Mordred as a character, and Episode 6 gave me just what i’ve been looking for: more Mordred screentime. Seriously she’s on screen for almost the whole episode, it’s awesome! We get some backstory into why Mordred hates Arthur so much, as well as a bit more info on the classic Saber, as well. After that, we find out that Jack the Ripper (our adorable loli murderer) has killed enough to attract the attention of both sides of the conflict, and mages and servants from both Red and Black move to take her down.


Mordred vs Jack is a thing to see, pitting speed and agility against sheer power and skill. But when the Black archer enters the fray, Jack flees, leaving Mordred and her master facing off against Chiron and his master (who has suddenly become doc oc?) While Mordred seriously outclasses Chiron in pure power, Chiron’s overwhelming experience is more than enough to close that gap. Meanwhile, the robot arms of the cripple master have put the necromancer in a pinch, but (again) experience allows him to come out on top. Also, firing exploding fingers out of a shotgun? Freaking awesome.


Episode 7 gives us the anticlimax we were waiting for, though; another mage of Black saves the girl, and with Saber going into crazy mode, Archer recommends retreat. The forces of Black pull back, leaving Mordred and her master somewhat let down. Meanwhile, Shirou the priest and the rest of the forces of Red have been scheming away, while Ruler tries to track them down, and Sieg wonders what he truly wants to live for.


Shirou and the Red servants (their masters all under some kind of spell now) are preparing an all-out attack on the castle of Black. Shakespeare (Red Caster) needs a bit of a chill, though he’s quite funny. And then, Red Assassin treats us to something amazing. A freaking Fortress Class Noble Phantasm! Literally a giant, floating fortress! (Though why such a thing is given to an Assassin class is a bit questionable…) Seriously though, this show is great. Music, Art, Animation, everything about it is just consistently good.


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