Gamers! Episodes 4 and 5 Review


So… I have a question. Why are we getting a filler episode already? It’s only episode 4! Well, I guess I won’t try to question it, since the episode was relatively entertaining, anyways. A day in the life of Karen, essentially sums up the whole episode. We get to see what her perfect, structured lifestyle was before she met Keita, and how her falling in love with him totally changed her life. Literally, she turned from the perfect student into a stalkery slob almost overnight. Though the episode was entertaining, it didnt’ really add much to the story, and could probably have been done without, or at least included at a more appropriate time, honestly.


Episode 5 picks right back up where Episode 3 left us, with Aguri seeing Tasuku and Chiaki together all happy happy. And of course… Amano and Chiaki are best friends on their mobile game that they both like to play, but Tasuku is the only one who is intelligent enough to realize it. After the disastrous meet-up that Tasuku tries to organize, Aguri and Keita meet up to try and work through Aguri’s problems with Chiaki, but basically just end up making everything worse, as pretty much all the characters do.


But boy… does this show like to make the most complicated dang relationships it can or what? Seriously, Keita and Chiaki hate each other, but are best friends in a game, and Keita loves the games that Chiaki makes. Karen loves Amano, but he’s indifferent to her, and Karen thinks that Chiaki and Keita are in love. Tasuku is trying to push both Chiaki and Karen onto Keita, but both of them think Tasuku and Karen are becoming a thing. Aguri is afraid of Chiaki taking Tasuku, and now afraid of Karen as well, so hangs out with Keita, who thinks she’s leaving him, and Karen and Chiaki think the same. And all this confusion ends up in a great Romantic Comedy!


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