100 Days of Anime: Day 23


Welcome to Day 23 of the challenge! Today’s question is: what is your favorite attack used in an Anime. Now, as soon as I read this, one attack popped into my mind, and I just have to declare it the winner. Simple and straightforward, yet immensely well-done in execution, this attack is one of my favorites from any show i’ve ever seen. From Fate/Zero, used by Saber, it’s the full power of the sacred sword, Excalibur.


Fate/Zero’s Saber, the legendary hero King Arthur, is one of the most powerful heroic spirits in existence. Extremely skilled in swordplay, Saber constantly displays her talent and skill, as well as her high stats in not just offense, but defense, strategy, and magic as well. Saber wields Excalibur, which is a blade normally cloaked in a veil of wind, hiding the length as well as the identity of the blade from her enemies, giving her an advantage in combat. However, when the cloaking is dispelled, the blade glows with a pure golden light, proof of her power, bestowed by the gods, and her authority as the King of Knights.

When fully unleashed, Excalibur draws energy from the spirits, the hopes, and the dreams of every living thing around her, and after a short charging period, can unleash a blast of holy light so powerful that nothing can stand against it, even the unrivalled power of the Holy Grail. The scene in which Saber first uses her power is such a memorable scene, not only for the gorgeous animation, music, and execution of the scene, but also because of how it reflects Saber’s personality: Straightforward, strong, and unmatchable in strength.


Seriously, I couldn’t think of a better pick for this. Seeing Saber in her full armor, standing on the surface of a river and unleashing her most powerful attack to vanquish a giant monster was just incredible. So, what are some of your favorite attacks or special techniques from anime? Please let me know down in the comments, and I look forward to seeing everyone again, tomorrow!

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