Tsurezure Children Episodes 4 and 5

Starting right off with episode 4, poop tanker and his (now) girlfriend are hanging out at his house, when she finds his “special” magazines, which, of course, leads to the two of them trying to have some intimacy, though awkwardly, only to be repeatedly interrupted by PT’s mom. And of course, this sparks PT to think very seriously about many things, including “what if I fart?” and “do I need to pluck my nipple hairs?”


We get another funny sequence from the StucoPrez and the delinquent girl after that, with him expressing his… questionable? views on how romance works. Shy kiddo is still having issues committing to the redhead, for some reason still suspecting her as teasing him. And again, we get a scene between soccer guy and emotionless girl, full of mutual misunderstandings, and both of them having similar interests yet never being able to properly communicate with each other.


Episode 5 starts off with the first couple from episode 1, each trying to express their feelings to the other… through texting. But girl, seriously, asking the guy you like if he’s gay is NOT how to confess. Just sayin. Next up, we’ve got a new girl! her character type is: person who always looks grumpy, and has a serious crush on silver-hair in the astronomy club. Poor girl just keeps getting friendzoned, though. In the end, though, she manages to convey her feelings in a somewhat proper way.


Last but not least, more misunderstandings from shy girl and dense head, where she always assumes the worst, and he assumes understanding, making everything really awkward. I keep using the word awkward, I know, but that’s basically what this show is about! It seems to me that it’s not so much showing actual relationships as much as just the pure awkwardness of youth. And that’s perfectly fine with me.


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