100 Days of Anime: Day 21


Day 21 is here now, also marking the last day of my vacation, so regular blog posts should be starting back up beginning tomorrow. Today’s question asks who my Favorite Goofy Anime Character is. As “Goofy Character” isn’t entirely specific, i’ll be looking at characters that generally provide comic relief even in the most serious of times, be they a side character or a protagonist or whatever. Now, for this challenge, I thought about a huge number of characters before realizing, the answer was right before my eyes! A certain bald, caped, fish-eyed man. Yes, Saitama, from OnePunch-Man.


OnePunch-Man is a fantastic show, about a man who has grown so strong he can defeat any opponent in just one punch, and his name is Saitama. Saitama used to be an unemployed salesman, but after encountering a crab monster, he began his training to become a hero. He trained long and hard, every day, so hard, in fact, that his hair all fell out, leaving him totally bald. The other consequence, however, is that Saitama  lost all his emotions of things like enjoyment, joy, and happiness. He now lives a very lonely life, and is generally quite sarcastic, unemotive, or even rude to other people.

Due to Saitama’s enormous strength, he is able to easily overpower enemies in a single hit, creating a huge number of hilarious scenarios. However, that’s not enough to give Saitama this award. What really pushes him over the edge is the various ways Saitama goes about entertaining himself, as well as the little things that can occasionally send him over the edge, like being late to a sale. Watching him use superhuman power to chase a mosquito, or tunnel through the ground to surprise a moleman is just hilarious, not to mention his aspirations of finding a strong enemy to fight, always holding back as much as he can against anyone he fights.

maxresdefault (1)

Honorable mentions go to Ranta from Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, and Rikka from Love, Chuunibyo, and other delusions. What do you guys think about my picks, and who are your favorite goofy characters? Let me know down in the comments, and thank you all so much for following this series this far. I hope to see you all tomorrow when we return to a semi-normal blog schedule as I try to catch up with missed content.

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