100 Days of Anime: Day 19


19 days have passed already since I began this challenge, it seems like such a short amount of time. Now, today’s question was a very easy question, asking what I would choose as the Most Epic Scene in Anime. An easy question, but one that leaves me with a moral conundrum. For you see, the most epic anime scene that i’ve ever seen happens in a show that I hate, from the very depths of my soul. And being the stubborn fool that I am, I don’t even want to write a post about said show, so today will be featuring my #2 pick. Well, really, I say #2 pick, but it was a very, very close running, all-told, so I guess it just means this one won out in the end.


Everyone loves giant robots. From Transformers, to Gundam, to Pacific Rim, to so many other things, giant robots hold the hopes and dreams of mankind. In 2009, Gainax released a movie rendition of the second season of their beloved Mecha hit, Gurren Lagann, featuring updated graphics and animation, but most importantly, a new final boss battle with the BBEG. And HOLY HOT DANG was it amazing. Two giant robots, each bigger than an entire galaxy, squaring off amidst the cosmos. This was fantastic in the original show, but the movie takes it a step further, as the mech splits, giving each character a “final form” of their own beloved customized mechs.


Watching massive, galaxy-sized mechs do battle through the animation style that Gainax and, by extension, Studio Trigger are so well-know for, there’s just nothing better, is there? Color, music, animation, everything is there, including a final look into the hearts and souls of each of our beloved characters, one last time. Gurren Lagann is one of my favorite shows, and this extended final battle is just extra icing on the cake. And whipped cream, and a cherry, plus a big scoop of ice-cream on the side, too. If you haven’t seen the movies yet, I highly suggest you get on it.


Anyways, there’s my pick for the most epic scene of all time in any anime ever. I would have some honorable nominations, but then this post would be a hundred pages long, seriously. Anyways, feel free to give it love or hate, but please let me know what your pick would be!

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