100 Days of Anime: Day 18


Day 18, and the question is Favorite Female Supporting Character in an Anime. Well, like yesterday, this question is a bit of a toughie, because there are just so many choices, so many great characters to choose from. To pick just one is near madness! Yet I must, and the girl I have picked is sassy, strong, and undeniably gorgeous. Yes, it’s Faye Valentine, from Cowboy Bebop.


Faye Valentine has a classic case of Amnesia, stemming from the fact that she was asleep in cryostasis for over 50 years. After emerging, Faye’s life was in tatters, having no memories of her past, and is shouldered with an enormous debt after being betrayed by a trusted friend. As such, Faye’s life is filled with desperation as she tries to make money in any way she can, including bounty hunting, gambling, and thievery. She also has huge trust issues stemming from her betrayal, making it hard for her to form close bonds with people.


The thing that I love about Faye is how her character evolves over the course of the series. She turns from a bitter, sarcastic, flighty young woman into… well she still stays sarcastic, but she becomes a fiercely loyal friend and a great companion. Plus, she’s tough as nails, good with a gun, and an ace pilot, though not quite as good as Spike. Cowboy Bebop is an incredibly good show, but there’s absolutely no way it would have been as good as it was without Faye Valentine aboard the Bebop.



Anyways, that’s it for day 18, everyone. What are some of your picks for the best female supporting character? I’m dying to know, because there were so many for me to choose from, yet I had to pick just one. So please let me know, and thank you all for your great support on this series.

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