100 Days of Anime: Day 17


Day 17, and we’ve got an interesting question. Favorite Male Supporting Character from any anime. Now, supporting characters usually don’t get a whole lot of rep, but without them, stories would literally not exist. However, it’s a really tough question for me, deciding who is the best. Now, as I was making this decision, I had to make a tough choice, as i’ve technically already mentioned this show, but I think it should be fine. My pick is Roy Mustang, from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


Yes, I know it’s cheap to have picks from both FMA and FMAB but I don’t really care that much. Roy Mustang is such a great supporting character. He has so much character depth, especially in Brotherhood, and is the main focus of some of the best scenes in the anime, overall. His overly serious attitude is a great antithesis to that of Hughes, his best friend, and Hughes’ death affects him in a profoundly serious way. Mustang’s descent into darkness and thirst for revenge, and his subsequent redemption, are all part of what makes him such an incredible piece of FMAB’s supporting cast.


What do you guys think about my pick? I specifically chose Mustang from Brotherhood rather than the original, because in Brotherhood he has so much more character depth. Let me know what you think, and also let me know who your Favorite Male Supporting Character is! Thanks everyone for reading, and I hope you’ll keep sticking with me on this series.

4 thoughts on “100 Days of Anime: Day 17

  1. I’m not sure if he’s supporting though, since he is important to the story. I think Hawk Eye and the other person tagging along w/ him are more supporting characters.
    But I can’t be sure.
    Either way, Mustang is awesome. I always wished to see him cameo in Silver Spoon, dunno why, the idea just sounds cool.

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    1. astralgemini

      Supporting characters don’t have to be minor characters, and Mustang is a great example. The main characters are really just Ed and Al, everyone else is really a supporting character. Mustang is a fantastic character though.


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