100 Days of Anime: Day 4


It’s now Day 4 of the 100 days of anime! Yesterday, you guys learned my favorite Male anime character. Today, we’re going the other way, with my favorite Female anime character. Once again, there are so many amazing options to choose from. So many shows have such amazing female characters; in fact, there are probably even more options to choose from than there were yesterday.

My pick this time, however, has got to go to Hitagi Senjogahara, from the Monogatari series. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and her wit is a sharp as a razor. Her banter with Araragi is part of what makes the series so fantastic, but let’s not forget that she’s had a rough life. Her character feels so very human, and the way that she expresses her love for Araragi is so unbelievably genuine. Plus, she’s no damsel in distress, she doesn’t need constant saving. Her ability to not just stand as equals, but rise above many others makes Senjogahara an amazing character.


Honorable mentions go to Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate, Winry Rockbell from FMAB, Faris Eris from Legend of the Legendary Heroes, and Shana, from Shakugan no Shana. What are some of your favorite female characters, and why? Thank you all for reading, and i’ll see you all again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “100 Days of Anime: Day 4

    1. astralgemini

      Shana is such a great character, and her character gets developed so much over the series, going from a very immature little girl to a very mature and reliable warrior over the 3 seasons of SNS. She’s fantastic.

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