Princess Principal Episode 4

If you’re a fan of steampunk worlds, Princess Principal never fails to deliver. The machinery, vehicles, and everything else are so nicely drawn and designed, I can’t help but love them. The action is always crisp and clean, the girls are just adorable as all heck, and the ever-present intrigue keeps me interested as the show reveals some, but never all, of its secrets.


The Kingdom has succeeded in creating a cavorite gravity-manipulation device, similar to the one Ange always uses. In order to deprive them of that ability, they use Princess’s authority to get into the party in the research facility. However, not everything goes as planned. Chise, the exchange student from Japan, is torn between her loyalty to her friends and her country, while Dorothy keeps an eye on Princess, suspecting her of being a double agent. But when the plan goes awry, and Princess wants to take action herself, what will the team do?

I’ve always been a fan of mixing in a bit of comedy or cuteness into a dark world or a serious scene, just enough to lend it a bit of a light tone, but not too much to seem unnatural or forced. Princess Principal manages this exceptionally well, giving us a nice, dark show, but one that never feels suffocating or excessively oppressive. After all, hope can always shine even in the darkest of places.


Princess Principal airs on Sundays, and can be found on AnimeStrike.

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