100 Days of Anime: Day 3


Welcome once again everyone to 100 Days of Anime. Day 3 is here, bringing with it the question of my Favorite Male Anime Character ever. There are certainly a lot out there, and so many that definitely deserve recognition, but my favorite male anime character has got to be Toori Aoi from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.


Toori is a young man with a tragic past who has set himself a goal to always be happy and positive, no matter what. He certainly is quite the goofball, and an idiot, but he has a very brave and kind heart beneath his silly exterior. He is extremely loyal to his friends, and is always willing to be the one to take the blame or punishment for others, and to push forward when nobody else dares to.


Toori has a large group of friends who always have his back, and even though they will ridicule him sometimes for his stupid or perverse actions, they also trust him completely, and will always have his back when he needs it most. His complex character traits remind me quite a bit about myself, too, which is why Toori is my favorite Male Anime Character.


Thanks everyone for reading, I hope you’re excited for the rest of this series, hopefully I can stick to it for the entirety. Now it’s your turn to answer, who is YOUR Favorite Male Anime Character and Why?

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