The Reflection Episode 2

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to continue this show, but I decided to give it another episode. I seriously like the world they are building up here, I think it’s quite interesting and I want to know more about the Reflection, why it happened, and why it gave a bunch of people mysterious powers. However, that doesn’t do enough to detract from the fact that, though better, the pacing in this show is really not up-to-par.


This episode is a bit disconcerting as we bounce back and forth between flashbacks, lesser flashbacks, and present time, at least 8 times or so. X-On does a good job lecturing the reporter lady, basically telling her “you’re creeping me out stop stalking me please.” Because let’s be real, she was stalking him. We also learn the identity of I-Guy, a retired singer named Ian who gained powers in the Reflection, not entirely sure what his powers are though, as the robotic look is actually a suit. Maybe his body powers the suit? No idea, really.


The whole premise of this show is so interesting, but the execution is still so lackluster. Superheroes are supposed to be flashy, awesome, and awe-inspiring, but the fight coordination and everything in this show is just so… timid? Like they were afraid to take risks and try and make it big and amazing and wonderful. Mixed feeling abound here, I may continue it, I may not. We’ll see.


New episodes air on Saturdays, and are available through Crunchyroll.

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