18if Episode 4

I’m not sure what to think about this episode, to be honest. The show has been so good so far, the dark setting really was fantastically well-done. However… this episode was just strange. It felt so disjointed from the ending of last episode, the sadness and seriousness of a girl passing away just suddenly vanishes without a trace? It felt so incongruous from the ending of episode 3 that I had real trouble appreciating this episode.


The Witch of Gluttony is not, in fact, a girl with Sleeping Beauty syndrome. After being tossed aside by her previous boyfriend after being told she wasn’t thin or pretty enough, Airi now has serious concerns about her weight. During the night, she unconsciously eats enormous amounts of junk food before vomiting it all up again, and her avatar in the dream world traps Haruto and Lily in a world filled with nothing but candy and donuts. After delving into her past, showing her that food isn’t a bad thing, Haruto manages to dispel the witch.

Honestly, it felt like there was no real struggle or effort in this episode, and I didn’t really empathize with Airi, either. While I was very hopeful in the dark manner which the episode started, it never expanded on that, and the goofiness and silly stuff really got in the way of my enjoyment of this episode. Just decide if your show is gonna be grimdark or goofy already, please.


18if airs new episodes on Fridays, and is simulcast on Crunchyroll.

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