100 Days of Anime: Day 1


Given the fact that I will be on vacation for nearly a month, I felt this challenge was a good idea to add some filler content to my blog while i’m away, though it will continue quite a while past that. I’m hoping that I have the fortitude to continue it all the way, so here goes nothing. Welcome everyone, to my 100 Days of Anime.

Day 1 is the first anime I ever watched. I watched my first anime in 2003, when my uncle brought me the full series of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED for my 7th birthday. Man, was I in love with that series. As a young kid, I had never before experienced anything like the wonders of massive space battles, giant robots, the political intrigue and the thoughtful stories that the Gundam series are famous for. I was absolutely blown away.


I spent hours every day after school curled up next to an old computer that I was using to play the DVDs on, pausing and unpausing the episodes multiple times so my untrained eyes could read the subtitles. Of course, my mom wasn’t quite as pleased, but for child me, someone with no real friends, this show was like a light in the darkness to me. It’s one of the reasons why Anime means so much to me, in fact.

To this day, Gundam SEED is still one of my favorite shows, not just because of the memories and nostalgia factor, but because it’s a dang good show, even though the animation is a bit dated. Anyone who hasn’t watched it, I highly recommend you do.

There’s Day 1 done. Thanks everyone so much for reading, but now it’s your turn. What is the first Anime YOU ever watched? Does it still have special meaning for you? How did you end up coming across it? Let me know in the comments below, and i’ll see you tomorrow for the next day of the challenge!

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