Made in Abyss Episode 4

This show has such nice visuals. The backgrounds are especially impressive, such an enormous amount of time and work must have gone into making them as pretty and as detailed as they are. The overgrown cliffs, crumbling walls, and ancient ruins are all so detailed and so nice to look at, and it makes the world have so much character and depth. Made in Abyss really is doing a great job of immersive worldbuilding, and it starts right in the background.


Reg and Riko are making their way further and further down into the Abyss. Reg is doing fine, but he worries about Riko’s body being able to withstand the curse of the Abyss, and the strain of the unfamiliar depths. They also discover a letter from Leader, informing them that while he let them go, he would be pursuing them at Dawn. As they near the entrance of the second layer, Reg notices someone following them. They try to flee, but the stranger easily catches up to them. Habo, a Black Whistle, offers them some much-needed guidance and insight into surviving the depths of the Abyss.


When it comes to an example of proper worldbuilding, Made in Abyss is already way ahead of the pack as far as this season’s shows are concerned. The world is interesting, the characters are great, and the episodes never get dull or boring. I highly recommend that if you have access to it, you watch Made in Abyss.


Episodes release on Fridays, and are simulcast on AnimeStrike.

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