Gamers! Episode 3

Oh, poor Karen. Her poor little heart just keeps getting broken over and over again by Keita, who just doesn’t even have a clue what he’s doing. The misunderstandings are so stupidly strong this episode, as characters and feelings are swirled around all over the place. The episode picks up right where the last one left off, Tasuku urging Keita to go talk to Chiaki, a girl in Karen’s class who also likes games. After talking to her for a while, Keita and Chiaki realize that they have very similar interests in the games that they like to play.


But like all friendships, the small differences cause big waves, and they end up fighting over tiny differences in opinion. When Tasuku tries to mediate, Chiaki falls for him instantly, and it doesn’t help that Aguri was watching from the background. Keita takes notice of Aguri, though, and after Chiaki changes her hairstyle to be more to Tasuku’s liking, and Aguri runs off, Keita follows her trying to clear up the misunderstanding. While he’s out with Aguri, though, they manage to see Tasuku and Chiaki right across the street in each others arms??


Oh boy, this show is hilarious. The ups and downs, the misunderstandings, everything works together so nicely to create a great comedy. Seriously though, poor Karen keeps getting stepped on and ignored (literally). This show is super nice, though, and i’m very happy to keep it on my watchlist for the rest of the season.


Episodes air on Thursdays, and are available on Crunchyroll.

2 thoughts on “Gamers! Episode 3

  1. I love that gaming is connecting all of these characters even while they struggle to actually make real world connections because they all severely lack an understanding of how to communicate properly. So far I’ve enjoyed watching this though I’m not sure if I’m gonig to keep enjoing it yet. I guess I’ll see how it develops.

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    1. astralgemini

      Part of what I enjoy about this series is I can empathise with a lot of the characters, as a lot of their struggles, opinions, or circumstances are things that I have shared or experienced at some point in my life.

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