Classroom of the Elite Episode 3

Ok, this episode was full of interesting stuff. It starts where we left off, with class D scraping by and passing their midterm exams. Suddenly, all the students start worshiping Kushida. We then get a backwards time-skip, and we find out exactly what happened. Turns out Kiyotaka went and bought old test and quiz answer sheets off an older student, and gave them to Kushida to pass around, which is why everyone did so well, and why they are worshiping her.


However, one student, the basketball redhead, actually failed one of his tests, by just one point. while everyone else is stunned, Kiyotaka and Suzune track down the teacher and manage to cut a deal, to buy the guy one test point for 100,000 points. This allows him to pass and nobody from their class to get expelled. Later that evening, after a celebration party, Kiyotaka follows Kushida after she leaves his apartment, and manages to discover the side of her that she had been keeping hidden…


It seems like every time I have a hunch about a character, that hunch always turns out to be correct. I knew something was fishy about Kushida, no human is actually that friendly. If you’re curious what she’s truly like though, give the episode a watch! It’s quite good.


Episodes air on Wednesdays, and are available on Crunchyroll.

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