New Game!! Episode 3

Hifumin is rocking it this episode. I think we got more dialogue from her in just this one episode than we did the entire first season. Funnily enough, she collapses from exhaustion afterwards from talking too much. I Know how you feel, Hifumin. This show is just so cute, with some real nice serious moments thrown in there too. Last episode did this well, and we see some undercurrents still here in this episode as well.


Aoba is a character designer now, but while she really wants to be helpful to her coworkers and do her job properly, her inexperience makes it hard for them to ask her for anything, which makes her depressed. Hifumin takes her out to lunch to cheer her up, being the sweet and caring thing that she is. Meanwhile, Umiko gets another call from Nene, who has been working very hard on programing her own game.

If you’re looking for a relaxing show with cute girls, a little bit of fanservice, and some small insight into the career of game development, New Game!! is the perfect show for you. Just don’t expect anything quite as good or as informative as Shirobako, but it’s pretty good nonetheless.


New Game!! airs new episodes on Tuesdays, and is simulcast on Crunchyroll.

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