In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 3

Anyone else love the little mini-scenes we get on the episode breaks? They’re always so adorable and fun, I think they are a great addition to the show. I also love the dynamic between Touya and the girls. It’s not just a unilateral harem of girls doting on a guy, they’re genuinely good friends, they tease and harass each other constantly, but always have each other’s backs.

smartphone 1.PNG

The episode begins with Touya and the girls all going out shopping. They run into a young demi-human fox girl who is lost, and help her get back to her big sister. Afterwards, they all split up, and Touya finds himself a sick white coat that gives him resistance to all damage as long as he has that magical affinity. Afterwards, they take a quest from the guild to investigate the old capital ruins, and while there, they discover a strange, crystal-like creature that absorbs magic and constantly regenerates its body. Upon destroying its core, it turns into dust and vanishes.

smartphone 2.PNG

This show is so much fun to watch, it’s pretty, it’s funny, it has some nice action scenes and a totally classic god-mode protagonist. It also avoids a lot of other LN-Anime tropes like excessive fanservice or constant damsels in distress, instead showing the girls as the strong and capable women that they are.

smartphone 3.PNG

Episodes air on Tuesdays, and are available on Crunchyroll!

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