Love and Lies Episode 4

What do you guys think of the ships in this show? Seriously? I’m totally rooting for teal Ririna right now, I think she’s a far more genuine person than Misaki, she’s a much better fit for Yukari, and she’s adorable as all heck. But that’s just my opinion, of course. What do you guys think?


This episode starts out with Yukari and Ririna hanging out at Yukari’s house. After dinner, Ririna helps Yukari clean up his room, and they talk about a lot of things, like love, and their childhoods. Shortly afterwards, some government agents show up and give us a bunch more exposition about the matchmaking system, before dropping the hint that they are going to Misaki’s house next. When Yukari asks Misaki about it the next day, she lies to him, convincing him that they were there for something else. Yukari and Ririna are going on a camping trip, and Ririna has invited Misaki along. Yukari invites Yusuke to come along as well, only revealing the fact that Misaki is coming after he agrees to come along.


Something about Misaki just strikes me as really… off. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but her whole character feels so false, like she’s just acting. I hope we get some more insight into who she really is, and who the girl with silver hair is as well. Most of all, though, I really hope that Ririna and Yukari can get together, they totally deserve each other and are so cute!


Episodes air on Mondays, and are simulcast through Anime Strike.

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