Fate/Apocrypha Episode 4

Not sure if i’ve pointed it out yet, but I love that OP by Egoist (granted I love anything by Egoist but still…). This show just keeps getting better and better. The animation is top-notch, and the characters are just awesome. This might end up being the best of the Fate franchise when it’s over, if A-1 pictures plays their cards right.


The masters and servants of Black finally catch the Red Berserker in their net, and with all their strength combined, subdue him with extreme ease. Meanwhile, Astolfo is intent on helping the homunculus kid escape from the castle. During this, the Rider and Archer of Red face off against Siegfried and Frankenstein, ending in a stalemate. Siegfried and the fat master finally catch up to Rider and the homunculus kid, and while Siegfried deals with Astolfo, the fat master deals a lethal blow to the homunculus. After Siegfried hears Astolfo’s heartfelt pleas for help, he chooses to sacrifice himself, giving away his dragon’s heart so the homunculus can live.


Seeing Astolfo’s genuinely good-hearted attitude was awesome this episode, but even better was seeing Siegfried finally get to do something of his own volition, rather than being ordered to. He’s such a great guy, but I’m very sad that he’s gone. And Ruler has a new friend now!


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