Anime Review: Eromanga Sensei


Probably one of the most highly disputed anime of the Spring 2017 season, Eromanga Sensei is an anime that celebrates Light Novel culture, as well as giving some valuable insight into the industry. The show portrays, in great detail, the struggles that a Light Novel author has to go through to write their books, get them published, and make a living.

Yeah, ignore the above. Produced by A-1 pictures based on a LN series written by Tsukasa Fushimi, Eromanga Sensei is essentially a homage to those who enjoyed Oreimo and wanted more. For those of you who don’t know, Oreimo is about a brother and sister who find mutual love with the help of anime. Eromanga Sensei is basically the same thing, but with Light Novels, instead of Anime.


Masamune Izumi is a 15-year-old Light Novel author who has published a semi-popular series called Silverwolf of Reincarnation. The illustrations for his novels are created by an artist known as Eromanga Sensei, who is well-known for their beautiful but questionably perverted art. Masamune’s parents are gone (dead?) and he lives with his only family member, his younger sister Sagiri. Sagiri, though only 12 years old, is a hikikomori, never leaving her room, forcing Masamune to care for her by bringing meals and such up to her room for her, doing her laundry, etc.



One day, however, while watching an art stream by Eromanga Sensei, Masamune notices one of his hand-prepared meals in the background, quickly coming to the realization that Eromanga is really his little sister, Sagiri! From there stems a romantic comedy as various girls vie for Masamune’s attention, including Yamada Elf, a beautiful blond girl just 1 year younger, whose LN series has sold over 2 million copies, and Muramasa Senju, a quiet, reserved girl who has sold over 14 million copies, but really just wanted to be noticed by Masamune.


The show itself is, well… basically what you’d expect it to be. Lots of fanservice, a dense protagonist with an ever-growing harem, lots of cute girls, lots of pervy jokes, and lots of references to various light novels. If you’re looking for a cute, funny show to pass the time with, this is a good option for you. But enough of that. Let’s break this thing down.



Art: A-1 Pictures always does a good job with their art, and Eromanga Sensei is no exception. With vivid colors and crisp, clean lines, the show is very visually appealing. 5/5


Animation: No visable problems with Animation, here. The characters are smooth and move well, bringing out the adorableness of each girl with every motion. There’s really no scenes in shows like this that would make for difficult animating, though, so it’s not that big of a surprise. 5/5


Music: With a super catchy OP and a fun and entertaining ED, not to mention the general soundtrack, Eromanga Sensei’s music is very well-done. Each track perfectly accentuates the comedic appeal of each scene. 5/5


Characters: Eromanga Sensei does a good job of keeping a small and easily manageable cast, enabling them to give each character amble screentime for their role, and to really give us a good feel as to how each character works and acts. 5/5


Character Development: Unfortunately, though each character is well made, they don’t really explore past that. The characters at the end of the show are almost exactly the same as they were at the start. The show focuses almost entirely on the comedic bits, but when it tries to do emotional character-building moments, they feel very half-baked and underwhelming. 2/5


Worldbuilding: It’s Japan. There’s nothing terribly special about the world, and we don’t really learn much about anything outside of Izumi household. To my recollection, we don’t even get a concrete resolution about what’s up with the sibling’s parents. 3/5


Genre: Romantic Comedy. It’s a RomCom. That’s… basically all it is. That being said, it does it pretty well, all things considered, though not as well as others that i’ve seen. 4/5


Tropes: Fanservice, Harem, Obligatory Beach episodes and more… Eromanga Sensei throws in quite a few of the common tropes that we’re so used to seeing, especially in LN anime. However, in some cases, these tropes actually work to the benefit of the show, adding some extra funny to the funny moments. 3/5


Personality: Eromanga Sensei made a name for itself during the Spring 2017 season simply by being the most trashy show of the season. I mean, 12 to 14 year-old-girls with lots of fanservice, including little sisters. It’s been a while since i’ve seen a show get such a strange cult following, but whatever. 4/5


Plot: Uhh… There isn’t really one. Not one that particularly matters, anyways. The show’s really just about a guy who meets a bunch of cute girls who want his booty. You can pretty much disregard everything about Light Novels and everything else, to be honest. 3/5


Pacing: The pacing of the show is actually quite nice. It never feels like they are trying to cram too much into one episode, nor does it ever feel dull or boring. It’s just a fun show watching cute girls do cute things to a very (un?) lucky guy. 5/5


Personal Opinion: This show is trash and so am I for enjoying it. It is a fun show, highly entertaining, and a very fun watch through and through. 3/5


And there it is, everyone, my personal review of Eromanga Sensei. Though many people may hate me for saying this, I actually enjoyed the show, I thought it was funny and entertaining, and actually looked forward to it every week. My personal scoring of Eromanga Sensei gives it a rating of:


Eromanga Sensei is almost a phenomenon, the way it created such violent and differing opinions in the Anime watching community. On one side we have those who love the show, celebrating it as the best thing since sliced bread, a show so trashy that it’s totally brilliant in every way. On the other side, we have those who see it from the other side, as just trash and nothing more. The one thing that we can truly gather from both sides of this argument, however, is that anime is trash, and so are we. And that’s perfectly fine.


Thank you everyone so much for reading. If you liked this review, or if there’s anything you thing I should watch or review in the future, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Remember to follow if you want to see more in the future, and I hope to see you all again!



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