Classroom of the Elite Episode 2

Compared to how darkly the previous episode left off… this one begins on a rather pleasant note. And by pleasant, I of course mean lots of girls in swimsuits. The OP for this show is very nice, and the art is absolutely gorgeous. This episode gives us some more information about the points system – the S System – and we get a glimpse into the inner workings of the school as well.


Kiyotaka and Suzune retain their places on the outskirts of the class, not really fitting in or socializing with anyone. However, they learn that anyone who fails even one test will be expelled, and that low scores in their class will cause their entire class to lose points. Suzune tries to help some of the others in the class study, but they storm out due to her off-putting attitude. Finally, Kiyotaka stumbles upon Suzune attempting to talk to her brother – the student council president – but steps in when her brother attempts to strike her. Who really is Kiyotaka, anyway?


This show just keeps getting better, piling on more and more juicy mystery into the plot. The art, music, and animation are all on point, and the pacing feels just right as well. The mystery elements really help tie the story together as they construct a deeply complex story. I highly recommend this show to anyone with some room in their watching schedule.



Classroom of the Elite airs on Wednesdays, and is available on Crunchyroll.

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