New Game!! Episode 2

Ah yes, more cute girls doing cute things. Just what everyone wants and needs in their life, right? New Game!! is great at showing the daily workings of these adorable girls without getting too serious or too nitty gritty, with a tiny amount of fanservice, just enough to make us male viewers happy, but nothing overt or offensive. And it’s actually got a pretty nice story, too.


It’s finally time for the Character Design competition, and Aoba seems to be the only one even trying, since everyone else is convinced that Yagami will win again. But when Yagami’s cool and crisp designs are rejected in favor of Aoba’s adorable doodles, everyone is shocked, Yagami most of all. She even unwittingly takes her frustration out on Aoba, though she immediately regrets it. After taking some time to cool out and calm down, Yagami and Aoba decide to work together, combining Aoba’s vivid imagination with Yagami’s gorgeous art, to create a masterpiece of character design.



I like to see this kind of thing happen, sometimes. This show had a little serious point, some abrasion between characters, but they managed to resolve it between themselves, and even work together to create something better than each of them could have on their own.


New episodes release on Tuesdays, and are available on Crunchyroll!

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