Angel’s 3piece Episode 2

I don’t even know where to start with this show… So many things wrong with it. Why does it insist on, even mildly or jokingly, sexualizing 10-year-old girls? Anyways, the girls are still insistent that Kyo help them put on their concert, but Kyo is still pretty against the idea (maybe he doesn’t want to go to jail?) Anyways, after he leaves, he runs into his classmate, Sakura, who talks to him kindly, also dropping a hint of something that might have happened to him at his middle school. After he gets home, Kyo takes a bath, and we get the classic “girl walks in on boy in the bath” scene, when his little sister walks in on him naked. Thanks, conveniently placed leaves and rubber ducky!


Yeah… The episode doesn’t really get much better from there. In fact, almost the entire episode is devoted to crappy fanservice. Finally at the end, we meet the man who runs the orphanage, a former priest who used to be in a band. Turns out he’s the one who taught the girls how to play music, so there’s that mystery solved. That being said, he seems to be literally the only person with sense in this whole show, as he informs Kyo that him and the girls are moving out of the church to a smaller house soon, and asks him to help the girls give up on their dreams of a concert, so that they don’t get hurt if they fail.


To be fair, this show has a pretty interesting storyline, probably something that I would be very interested in watching. But they have so much crap thrown in, fanservice and such involving literal children, that it just ruins the whole thing. It’s a shame, to be honest, the great art, music, animation and story are being wasted here. That being said, I won’t be continuing this show any further.

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