Tsurezure Children Episode 3

This show always has some entertaining moments for us to see. There are times when it’s funny, and times when it’s touching, but it’s overall a very nice show to watch. This episode begins with a new couple that’s achieved what all couples dream of: they are perfectly in sync. However, though they have been dating for over a year, they’ve never held hands or anything like that. Unfortunately, it turns out that the guy had taken her confession as a joke!


Next up, an adorable girl gets rejected by her crush. A senpai from her club comes to cheer her up, and though he annoys her to no end, he does succeed in his mission. But seriously, what a violent little girl. Next up, an awkward weirdo of a guy gets called out by his crush, who he had recently saved from a molester on the bus. Though he feels he’s ugly, and strange, she can see how kind he is, and asks him out??? Finally, another awkward scene with Mr soccer guy and the expressionless girl. Their different ways of thinking leads to a truly hilarious conversation.


This show always manages to put a smile on my face, and warm up my heart. The interactions between all the different people are so adorable, funny, and touching, it’s impossible not to love this show. I just wish the episodes were longer.


Tsurezure Children airs on Tuesdays, and is available on Crunchyroll.

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