Love and Lies Episode 3

This show is getting more and more complex. The show constantly references a “red string of fate”, and it seems like this show is weaving quite a complex and tangled web. Ririna invites Yukari over to her house, but when he arrives, Misaki is already there? turns out Ririna really just wants to hang out with the both of them – or so it seems. After a while, she pops a question out of the blue, asking Yukari and Misaki to kiss each other then and there. Of course, Misaki is totally down, but Yukari chickens out at the last second. Afterwards, Misaki tells Ririna that she should fall in love with Yukari, because she is better for him.


Depressed at his own uselessness, and confused due to the actions of the two girls, Yukari goes out for a walk with Ririna, where they run into Yusuke Nisaka, Yukari’s best friend. After teasing Yukari and Ririna, Yusuke takes off. Later, at school, Yukari notices Misaki and Yusuke staring at each other at they pass each other (with arguably hostile looks?), and begins to worry about their relationship. Misaki calls Yukari out to talk to him, and they end up smashing face, while Yusuke stumbles upon the scene. Afterwards, Yukari and Yusuke have a chat after school.


This episode gives us so much to think about. First, what is Ririna thinking, and what do her nervous expressions hide? Second, who really is Yusuke, and what is his connection to Misaki? What did Yukari mean when he said “I don’t think this is real love”? Is his attraction to Misaki less one of love and more one of lust? Is Ririna falling for Yukari but refusing to admit it? (I’m totally rooting for team Ririna, btw.) And what is Yusuke’s deal? Please let me know what you guys think!



Love and Lies airs on Mondays, and you can catch it on Anime Strike!

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