In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 2

Boom! another episode, another addition to the harem. Seriously. It’s ok though, because Yae is adorable. This show takes a very relaxed approach to the tropes and themes we’re used to seeing from our typical LN anime. The action is short and pretty toned down, lots of cute girls but no real raunchy fanservice, bad things happen occasionally but never really stick. And that’s totally fine, because the show is well-made, and it’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

smartphone 2.PNG

Touya, Linze, and Elze have accepted a mission to deliver a letter to the capital city. On their way their, they save a young girl from Eashen who is being attacked by a large group of thugs. They find out that her name is Yae, and she is travelling to perfect her swordsmanship, so she joins the party. Touya gets a book full of Null spells, and is growing more and more OP by the minute. They save a young girl and her butler who are being attacked by a sorcerer and a band of Lizardmen, and discover her name is Sue, and she is the daughter of the Duke Ortlinde, the younger brother of the King.

If you’re not currently watching this show, I highly suggest that you watch it. It’s funny, well- made and well-presented, and it’s just a relaxing show to watch. The girls are adorable, Touya is hilariously dumb, and everything is super cliche, but it’s lovely anyways. Plus, it sticks to the light novels pretty dang well, so props for that.

smartphone 1.PNG

New episodes release on Tuesdays, and are available on Crunchyroll.

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