Isekai Shokudou Episode 3

This show always manages to make me feel really hungry. I think one of the nicest things about it is that you could conceivably cook anything shown on the show at home. I really enjoy cooking, so this greatly appeals to me. The gorgeous art, animation, and music helps a lot, too. This show is not the most incredible, story-driven anime, but it’s fun, relaxing, and just all-around nice to watch.


The first visitor to Nekoya is a merchant who has used the food he eats at Nekoya to create new and vibrant pasta dishes in toe other world that had not existed previously. He also exchanges fruits and vegetables from the other world with the chef of nekoya in exchange for meals and some money. The second newcomer is a princess of the empire, who long ago had gone to Nekoya with her grandfather, and had eaten a chocolate parfait. When she finds her way back, she gets a parfait once again, abating her sadness over the death of her grandfather.

This show is so pleasant and nicely made, it’s always a joy to watch. I was hoping for a bit more complicated plot, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll get that, at least at this point, but it’s still a dang good watch. Also, I highly recommend, if you enjoy cooking, try to replicate some dishes. It’s a lot of fun, and super tasty too!


New episodes release on Monday, and can be found on Crunchyroll.

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