Gamers! Episode 1

Do you consider your self a gamer? If so, this might just be the show for you. Gamers! follows a group of high-school students who are forming a video game club. The main character, Keita Amano, is a shy, kind of socially awkward kid who likes playing a variety of games, including RPGs, dating sims, and mobile games. But what happens when one day, the school’s idol approaches him in a game store, and invites him to join her club?


This first episode does a great job of not only setting up the story, but also foreshadowing so many events that will take place later on in the series. When Karen Tendo, the most popular girl in school, invites Keita to join the newly reformed gaming club, he is overjoyed. But, he soon finds out that the members of the club are much more interested in competitive gaming, whereas Keita is more of a casual gamer. Even so, he’s never really had friends before, so how does he react to this new development in his life?


I can totally relate to Keita. I love playing games, but I don’t really like doing anything competitively, i’d rather go and play an RPG with a story than something like CS:GO. And when you can relate to a character, it makes watching that show so much more enjoyable. I’m definitely keeping this one on my watchlist.


Episodes air on Thursdays, and you can watch on Crunchyroll.

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