Fate/Apocrypha Episode 3

Episode 3 is here, and the story is starting to build itself up. I’m noticing a potential flaw in the storytelling, there’s so many characters involved in the story that it might become hard to keep track of them all. I’m worried that A-1 may not be able to handle such a large cast; in the past iterations of Fate, ufotable was able to familiarize us with all the characters in an interesting way, and allowed us to learn about them as well. With such a huge cast, will some characters be ignored and/or tossed to the sidelines?


Lancer of Red attacks Ruler (Joan of Arc), but is stopped by Saber of Black (Siegfried) and his master. Lancer and Saber fight for a while, before both are recalled by their masters, honorably ending their duel, as expected of 2 of the knight classes. One of the Yggddmillenia homunculi escapes from his test tube, and is rescued by Rider and Archer of Black. The Berserker of black is so very different from the Berserker we are used to seeing. Quiet and elegant, and absolutely adorable. I hope we get more character progression out of her. And poor Mordred is stuck living in a graveyard with her gloomy Master. Poor dear.

This show is shaping itself up to be super interesting. If they can pull off the story correctly, it may even manage to become my favorite out of the Fate series. I highly recommend that everyone watch this show. (Side note, I realized this episode that Chiron (Archer of Black) has a little horse tail sticking out of his butt. Which is cool, I guess?)


Fate/Apocryha airs on Sundays

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