Made in Abyss Episode 2

Oh boy, does this show push all the right buttons. The setting is so genuinely interesting, and they don’t try and mass force-feed you information, but you end up getting a lot anyways as a matter of course. Progression into backstories is natural, the characters are phenomenally well-written, the art is great… I could go on and on but i’ll stop there. The first episode was good, but this one was even better, in my opinion. We didn’t get to see any of the abyss, but we did get to learn a lot more about the world, and more importantly, Riko’s mother.


Turns out her mom was a legendary white-whistle (the highest degree of adventurer), and has been missing for ages. But when a crew of black whistles (one below white) returns to the city with Riko’s mom’s whistle, as well as a sealed letter, Riko’s hopes are both crushed and kindled. Reg still struggles some with his mysterious past, as well as trying to fit in with the rest of the kids at the orphanage. And when Riko and Reg finally get to read the letter, what secrets does it contain?


I would highly recommend this show to anyone with a free slot in their seasonal slate. It’s got an intriguing story and a well-developed world, fun characters and pretty art. I’m super hopeful to see where this show goes in the future. I hope that the creators will take their time and flesh out the story fully into what it deserves, because if they do, it’s going to be amazing.


Made in Abyss releases on Fridays, and can be watched on AnimeStrike.

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