Classroom of the Elite Episode 1

With gorgeous art, an intriguing story, and a large and diverse cast of characters, Classroom of the Elite gives us an interesting dystopian story of students attending a prestigious high school. The school gives out an allowance of “points” to the students each month, with each point being worth 1 yen, and 100,000 points each, per month. Students are graded by merit, and their homeroom teachers are there for the next 3 years to grade them.


The story follows class 1-D, the lowest-ranked class of the first year. Most of the members of the class are quite stuck-up, arrogant, and selfish, generally pieces of society’s trash that somehow landed themselves at this academy. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is our MC, and he and Suzune Horikita, who sits next to him, seem to be the most frugal and normal students in the class. While most of the students go about doing their own thing, relishing in the fact they have been given so much money to live off of per month, Kiyotaka and Suzune save their points, as unease creeps in. But when the new month rolls around, things get very dicey for the members of class 1-D…

I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I had thought it might end up being similar to many shows like it in the past, but it seems unique and interesting enough to keep on watching. It will be interesting to see how the large cast is managed, as well as how the story plays out from here.



New episodes can be snagged on Crunchyroll every Wednesday.

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