Angels 3piece Episode 1

Do you like music? Do you like adorable girls? Do you enjoy watching adorable girls play music? Because Angels 3piece might just be the show for you. Specifically, three 10-year-old orphan girls want to form a band and put on a show for their orphanage, so they ask their favorite music creator on youtube to help them out with their band. And so begins the tale of a guy trying to be helpful while not going to jail.


Kyo Nukui is a high school hikikomori who publishes music that he creates online under the username HibikiP. We don’t yet know why he is a Hikikomori, but I hope we will find out. He gets an email from one Jun Goto, who, due to the polite and formal manner of writing, he believes to be a refined businessman. Jun proposes that they meet up to discuss music, and Kyo reluctantly accepts. Upon arriving, he discovers that Jun is actually an elementary school girl, and she is joined by her 2 “sisters” Nozomi and Sora (Sora is adorable.) Kyo is extremely skeptical when they ask him for help, until they bring him to their orphanage and show him their beautiful stache of vintage instruments, and display their talent for music.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this show. K-ON! is one of my favorite shows, and I was hoping this would be similar. The fact that the girls are, like, 10, isn’t that big of a problem, apart from the fact that some of the shots in which they are displayed are a bit less than Kosher for me (Also, was that last line REALLY necessary?) The music was good, however, the art and the animation was nice to look at, and the tasteful use of CG made me happy as well. I’ll stick with it for a few more episodes and see where it goes, I guess.


Angel’s 3piece airs on Mondays, and can be found on Crunchyroll.

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