Konbini Kareshi Episode 1

Konbini Kareshi (or Convenience Store Boyfriends) is basically a show about boys and girls that meet each other at a convenience store a lot, and end up developing relationships because of that. I’ve heard a lot of bad things being said about the art and animation, and while they aren’t as crisp as they could be, I do feel like people are making it a bigger deal than it’s worth.

Konbini Kareshi Episode 1b


Episode 1 follows Haruki Mishima and Tore Honda as they begin their first year of high school. Each of them (unsurprisingly) meets a girl they are interested in, and they each have a lovely little encounter with these girls at the convenience store. Haruki’s shy nature leads to a SUPER awkward scene where he just stands next to the girl reading a magazine, and glancing over at her periodically for at least 60 seconds like the big awkward penguin he is. Tore, on the other hand, tries to tell the girl he likes that she’s cute, but she freaks out and runs away. Poor guy. At the end of the episode, we’re treated to a brief look at all the guys we will probably meet throughout the show, and the girls they are interested in.

This show feels relatively similar to Tsurezure children, yet it’s also different in a way. While T. Children feels more like a RomCom, this show will probably go the more dramatic or serious route. My worry is that with such a big cast to balance, it might end up feeling disjointed, or just bland.


Konbini Kareshi releases every Thursday, and will be available on Crunchyroll.

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